Tax Investigation Service

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is under relentless pressure to raise money for the government from increased tax receipts. Inevitably that means more tax and VAT investigations.

In 2016/17 the pressure paid off as HMRC delivered a record £28.9bn from compliance related activity. It is looking for even more in the current year.

How is HMRC collecting more money? It is using a clever computer analysis system called Connect to identify anomalies between such things as bank interest, property transactions and lifestyle indicators to decide which people to investigate.

As you can imagine, HMRC investigations are immensely time consuming and highly stressful. Then there are the professional fees to carry the fight to HMRC.

We can help

If we complete your tax return, and you subscribe to our tax investigations package, we will provide you with practical, constructive support by:

• checking HMRC is entitled to investigate the tax return selected and the enquiry window is still open
• ensuring the tax inspector only asks for information and documents relevant to the enquiry year
• responding to telephone calls, emails, letters, compliance fact sheets and notices issued by HMRC
• providing supporting information from our files relating to when your accounts were drawn up
• preparing for and attending face to face meetings with the inspector
• debating any obscure or technical tax cases raised during the enquiry
• handling any settlement negotiations all the way through to a successful conclusion

Most importantly your professional fees will be paid.

When you consider a typical enquiry takes over 18 months to resolve and can incur fees in the region of £5,000 or more, subscribing to the package is simply common sense.

Subscribe today and have one less thing to worry about.

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